Iconic Minnesota Landmarks


We don't know if they can sing, but if you saw these four crossing the road we bet you'd scream! Four characters from Minnesota's history are out for a stroll on the Minnesota version of Abbey Road.


You can't get much more Minnesotan than the Minneapolis skyline with Target Field in the foreground. But there are mysteries here, among the tall buildings. Can you spot more than 20 differences between the image on the box and the one on the puzzle?


Lighthouses, rocky beaches, and more grace this 1,000 piece puzzle - all images from Minnesota's famous North Shore of Lake Superior. Are you up to the challenge of putting together a jigsaw where the images on the puzzle are in different places than on the box?


The Minnesota State Capital is rockin' and rollin' in this puzzle, which was created for theĀ St. Paul Winter Carnival Jigsaw Puzzle Contest from artwork by Michael Birawer. Can you make out what's amiss in our capital city?


Giesla Hoelscher creates distinctive photo collages of well-loved places that allow you to reminisce about your favorite memories time and time again. This trip along the North Shore features iconic places and views - but can you spot how they change places between the box and the puzzle?


If only this puzzle came with a tasty treat on a stick! You'll have to imagine the sounds and smells of the State Fair once the sun goes down and the lights come up, but you can see you favorite places in this 1,000 piece photo collage fromĀ Giesla Hoelscher.

Minnesota Puzzles

Open a puzzle box and spill the pieces onto a table. Leave it there and see what happens. Everyone in the house will end up at that table, working on the puzzle - together or alone - until it is complete.

Along the way you'll have a great time as you take a trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior or make a stop at the State Fair, as you say Hello to Paul & Babe or visit the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Oh, did you think these were average, ordinary puzzles? Extra-ordinary is more like it! Many of these puzzles contains a twist - images move around, features are added - making these 500 and 1,000 piece jigsaws more than meets the eye.

Wisconsin Jigsaw Puzzles

Game Day is a memorable image of good times that are often had when the ‘big game’ is on! But assemblers of this puzzle will get a few surprises when they complete it!

English cartographer John Spilsbury created the first puzzle in 1767 by cutting up a wooden map and challenging people to put it back together. It was a hit, and the jigsaw puzzle was born! (From whsmith.co.uk)